The A+M Bowler

Created for Hat-itecture & London Festival of Architecture


Son of Man, René Magritte

A+M Bowler 3d model

A+M Bowler & other submissions. Image courtecy of Hat-itecture

Photo courtecy of Tarek Merlin

Photo courtecy of Tarek Merlin

In 1849, the London hat makers Thomas and William Bowler designed the bowler as a close-fitting, low-crowned hat to protect gamekeepers’ heads from low hanging branches while on horseback. In the following century, no hat would become more synonymous with London itself. As interpreted by Austin+Mergold in 2010, the bowler has been made sustainable: its corrugated cardboard layers keep the sun’s rays at bay while allowing through-ventilation. At the same time, the hat is both adaptable to the whims of fashion (it can be easily painted any color) and recyclable. Naturally ventilated. Naturally shaded. Naturally cool.

© Austin + Mergold with Mr. James Bowman